Calcium Gluconate Gel, Tube 40g

Calcium Gluconate Gel, Tube 40g 10-3-50

The tube contains calcium gluconate gel 2.5% which is an antidote. Calcium gluconate is used to counteract the negative effects of fluoride ions if they have already penetrated into the tissue. May be appropriate as the next step to the initial treatment with Hexafluorine if you are unsure whether the first aid care was exhaustive or if the starting of the washing was delayed.

Intended for the treatment of minor damage caused by hydrofluoric acid, the size of the palm of a hand (approx. 1% of the body surface).

For external use only, may not be used in the eyes. Shelf life 3 years from manufacturing date. Sold separately, but can be easily placed in the Washing Station for Hexafluorine as a complement.

Calcium gluconate is traditionally used in hospitals as an antidote for cutaneous exposure to/poisoning from hydrofluoric acid. The treatment mainly aims to provide the body with extra calcium to counteract the imbalance that arises when fluoride ions penetrate into the body and bond with the body’s own calcium ions.





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