First aid in case of chemical splashes

Often it is a matter of seconds before risking a permanent injury. Getting to an emergency shower and trying to wash away the corrosive chemical with water may take far too long. Water also lacks neutralizing properties and has a limited ability to dilute the chemical, which requires continuous washing for a long time to achieve the desired effect. During this time the corrosive chemical keeps attacking your body.


With an immediate neutralization we have time to stop the chemical before it causes permanent damage. The neutralization also affects the clothing as well as the rinsing residues which caters for a safer management of the distressed person as well as simplifying the subsequent cleaning of surfaces and materials.



diphoterine SIEW ögonskölj ögondusch första hjälpen


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Diphoterine ® is a unique First Aid rinsing solution, which quickly and effectively neutralizes both acids and bases such as e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide (lye) and ammonia. Diphoterine ® is also active against solvents, oxidizers, chelating agents and reducing agents and has been tested effective  against over 1.500 unique chemicals.

Diphoterine ® consists of a tailored molecule which effectively attracts and renders harmless the chemical. Due to its amphoteric and hypertonic properties it is safe to use on all chemicals while preventing the penetration of the harmful chemical by “drawing” the chemical from the tissue.



Diphoterine ® is available in several different designs specifically tailored to fit the size of the injury and can be used all over the body, in the eyes, in the oral cavity and in the ear canals. Diphoterine ® is a CE marked medical device and is an approved replacement to emergency eye washes and body showers according to the European EN15154-3/4 standard. Its positive effects are scientifically and practically specified in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s Report 2010: 6.



diphoterine DAP SIEW produkter ögonskölj spolvätska Första Hjälpen syror baser saltsyra svavelsyra natriumhydroxid (lut) olyckor lösningsmedel oxidanter vävnad hyperton hypertona olycka sköljningskölj Diphoterine kemikalie neutraliserats.

– For treatment of chemical splashes.

– CE marked Medical Device

– Approved replacement to wallfixed emergency eye washes and body showers according to the European EN15154-3/4 standard.

– Efficient against over 1.500 chemicals.

– As efficient on acids as on alkalis.

– Can be used all over the body; on the skin, in the eyes, in the oral cavity and in the ear canals.

– For single use.

– Shelf life 2 years.


Tel: 0157-131 31




The product is available in different packagings in order to suit your specific work environment; portable or wall-mounted and with or without heating.


Diphoterine Dap
Diphoterine Rinsing Station Plus
Diphoterine Bottle
Diphoterine Bag
Diphoterine Mini & Diphoterine Micro
Diphoterine Siew




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