Diphoterine Rinsing Station Plus

Diphoterine Rinsing Station Plus

Art.no 11-2-27-2

Diphoterine Rinsing Station is mounted on the wall. The content is designed to neutralise and wash away smaller chemical splashes from the entire body, especially from the face and eyes. It consists of 2pcs of 500ml bottles of Diphoterine eyewash and 2x Diphoterine 200ml Mini spray bottle for decontaminating splashes on the skin (e.g. face or arm).


Diphoterine Rinsing Station is also available with 2x 500ml bottles and 1x Diphoterine 200ml Mini spray bottle (Art.no 11-2-27)



Diphoterine is a unique First Aid rinsing solution, which quickly and effectively neutralizes both acids and bases such as e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide (lye) and ammonia. Diphoterine is also active against solvents, oxidizers, chelating agents and reducing agents and has been tested effective against over 1.500 unique chemicals.

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