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Medical Care System

Medical Care System distributes, sells and markets Diphoterine, Hexafluorine and Medical Care Spray in the Nordic countries. Welcome to contact us or why not look around our website where you will find information about Medical Care System, our products and training in chemical risks. It is never too late to give your staff the absolute best protection against chemical and thermal accidents

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Chemical accidents

Often it is a matter of seconds before risking a permanent injury. Getting to an emergency shower and trying to wash away the corrosive chemical with water may take far too long. Water also lacks neutralizing properties and has a limited ability to dilute the chemical, which requires continuous washing for a long time to achieve the desired effect. During this time the corrosive chemical keeps attacking your body.

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Thermal accidents

A thermal burn arises when heat from a hot object or liquid penetrates down through the layers of skin. As long as this thermal energy remains in the tissue, the burn will continue to worsen. Medical Care Spray is our own First Aid spray which optimizes treatment from the moment the accident occurs through to the point of care in hospital. The product is designed to treat thermal burns over the entire body, as well as eye wounds and cuts.

Inventory – Solution – Education

ILU is a perfect support when it comes to work environment issues and being able to identify, document and prevent the various chemical and thermal accident risks in your workplace. With the right awareness and attitude, together we can prevent many accidents from occurring. ILU is a comprehensive concept, but you can of course choose the parts that best suit you.

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Environmental products

In case of spillage of chemical, corrosive, flammable and environmentally hazardous solutions, persons at the accident site must immediately be able to answer the following questions: What does the spill consist of? How do we stop the spread of the solution? How do we neutralize the spill? How do we clean up the spill? How do we protect people at the scene of the accident? How do we prevent damage to the environment around you? How do we deal with reactions and impurities that can occur?

We want to inform you about our products

But hope you don’t have to use them

Every year, a large number of people are involved in accidents where chemicals and high temperatures cause severe damage to the eyes and skin.

In addition to personal suffering, these accidents cost society a huge amount of money and can also lead to lifelong disabilities. Many of the accidents could have been avoided completely with the help of knowledge and a clearer picture of the risks. In other cases, the damage could have been mitigated and even eliminated.

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Are you one of many who use aggressive chemicals at work? The probability is high if you work in the paper, steel, food or glass industry, painting, property management, plumbing, recycling, healthcare, laboratories, decontamination or electronics manufacturing. Regardless of whether it concerns private, municipal or state activities.

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Did you know that less than a drop of certain chemicals in one eye can cause blindness after just 10 seconds? 10 seconds is the approximate time it takes to read this and the previous sentence.

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Did you know that a very small amount of hydrofluoric acid on the skin can not only cause severe burns but can also cause cardiac arrest?

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Are you one of the many who consider acids of various kinds to be the most dangerous? Or do you know that alkaline chemicals are the most common cause of serious eye damage?

”Safe and secure chemical treatment for everyone” – A part of ChemGuard group

Successful symposium on hydrofluoric acid

Successful symposium on hydrofluoric acid

  On February 20, Medical Care System held a symposium on hydrofluoric acid . We wanted to highlight the risks with one of the world's most dangerous chemicals used in many areas of our industries. The purpose of this was to develop a collaboration on the risks and...

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Medical Care System specially trained by Prevor

Medical Care System specially trained by Prevor

During 5 days last week, four new experts were trained at the Medical Care System in Prevor's product program and product knowledge. Participants gained invaluable knowledge of how a thermal burn can be avoided and how a safe and secure workplace can be created. Thank...

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SIS, Swedish Standard Institute

Medical Care System SIS Svenska Institutet för Standarder ögonduschar kroppsduschar.

Medical Care System are members of SIS, the Swedish Institute for Standards and actively participate in the development of the standard for eye and body showers.


Sveriges Företagshälsor

medical care system sveriges företags hälsor

Medical Care System is an associate member of the association Sveriges Företagshälsor. As an organization, they represent all member companies in contact with politicians, business authorities and other decision-makers. They conduct opinion formation on health and working life and also work for good education and high competence.


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Learn everything about Diphoterine ® in our App.


Vad säger våra kunder?

kemikalieolyckor eliminerats långsiktigt arbete göra sig illa Health Safety Manager Outokumpu Stainless Special Coil Nyby Torshälla
“Today it is not a matter of luck or bad luck that our chemical accidents more or less have been eliminated. It’s about hard long-term work with the goals so that no one gets injured.” 

Petri Kuusinen, Health Safety Manager
Outokumpu Stainless Special Coil Nyby, Torshälla


riskfylld miljö kemiska risken Diphoterine trygghet neutralisera farliga kemikalier kroppen utsatts exponering Räddningstjänsten Östra Götaland
“We have a risky environment where we have to act regardless of the knowledge of the chemical risk. Diphoterine gives us safety by being able to quickly unharm dangerous chemicals of any type or of any part of the body that has been exposed.”

Lars Persson, Räddningstjänsten Östra Götaland




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