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Eye rinse and eye shower

Eye Rinse cleans and removes harmful substances or particles from the eye. There are currently a variety of “eye-wash products” on the market, both wall-mounted and connected to a fixed wiring network or standalone mobile devices.

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IMPORTANT to consider when choosing an eye wash:
WHAT should it be used for?



For the treatment of splashes from corrosive and irritating chemicals, we recommend Diphoterine ®. Here, the purpose is to quickly destroy the chemical before it corrodes the tissue and risks causing permanent damage. Diphoterine ® results in rapid neutralization regardless of the type of chemical and concentration.

Read more about DIPHOTERINE ® here.

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The only exception with splashing chemicals is if the chemical in question is hydrofluoric acid – then we recommend Hexafluorine ®.

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For the treatment of a thermal burn, we recommend Medical Care Spray. It contains an isotonic saline solution 0.9% with the same salt balance as normal tear fluid which effectively cools the damaged area and prevents the heat dissipation to surrounding tissue.

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