Identification – Solution – Education (ILU)

A holistic concept that provides safe and secure chemical handling
ILU in Swedish stands for Identification, Solution and Education, and is a customer-unique comprehensive overview of mainly chemicals. Medical Care System helps you identify the chemical and thermal risks that exist in your workplace. Based on this, we can recommend suitable First Aid and protective equipment that is tailored to your business. After that, we train the staff at your company. This leads to a safer workplace where each individual takes responsibility for their own safety and health. Finally, we compile documentation on which products you have for protection and where they are located, followed by a certificate issued by us stating that ILU has been performed. We also help you by keeping track of the expiration dates of the products. ILU is developed to support the employer in its responsibility for chemical work environment risks.

The first step is to see and understand the risks in your workplace. Thanks to our experience, we can help identify and explain them and be a sounding board when it comes to handling different types of chemicals.


arbetsmiljö skyddskläder utrustning utbildningsbehov kunskap produkter utbildning

Together, we develop a solution for what the design of your work environment should look like. It is about which products are needed, routines, protective clothing, training, where the equipment should be placed and how the protective products should be used. To facilitate your handling, we keep track of the products’ expiration date for you.


farliga kemikalier skadeverkning skydd utbildning verksamhet kemikalier utbildningar utbildning

The ILU concept includes training where we inform about risks, other protocols, how our products work, what can happen and how to think – Either via Teams or on site.





ILU is signed as a service agreement over 3 years

Year 1

  • Company review with identification
  • Recommendation and quote on products from Medical Care System
  • Ordering and signing ILU agreements
  • Staff training
  • Compilation of documentation and certificates

Year 2

  • Company review with identification and inventory of MCS products
  • Training of staff when needed
  • Update documentation and certificates

Year 3

  • Company review with identification and inventory of MCS products
  • Make sure that the products that expire date are identified and delivered.
  • Training of staff when needed
  • Update documentation and certificates


Cost per customer:

  •  2 500 SEK per year for ILU
  • Travel allowance will be added
  • Purchase of products