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To ensure proper handling after an accident with hydrofluoric acid, Medical Care System AB offers a free tube of Calcium Gluconate gel (40g) for each order of Hexafluorine.

The offer applies to old and new customers and is valid from 25/2 to 31/3 2019. In order to provide a correct treatment for an injury caused by hydrofluoric acid, one needs both Hexafluorine and Calcium Gluconate in order for the combination of these measures to become a matter of course, we are now implementing this campaign.


Hexafluorine® is a unique flushing fluid that quickly disrupts both corrosive acid and toxic fluoride ion.

Calcium Gluconate adds extra calcium to the body to counteract the imbalance which occurs when fluoride ions penetrate the body and bind to the body’s own calcium.


NOTE: For extrenal use only, do not use in eyes.



Hexafluorine takes care of the hydrofluoric acid which is rendered harmless, see Hexafluorine protocol. Calcium gluconate gel protects the body and adds calcium to prevent hypocalcaemia.


Sincerely, Medical Care.