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Spill and decontamination

In case of a chemical spill containing corrosive, flammable or environmentally hazardous solutions, the people at the scene of the accident immediately must be able to answer the following questions: What kind of spill is it? How to stop the spreading of the solution? How to neutralise the spill? How to clean up the spill? How to protect the people at the scene of the accident? How to prevent damage to the environment? How to deal with reactions and pollution that might arise?
The traditional absorbents capture the spill and limit its spreading, but have no effect on the chemical itself, making the clean-up work extra risky because the chemical is still active. Similarly, cleaning up a spill can sometimes be risky, because we don’t always know its contents.

spill kemiska frätande lättantändliga miljöfarliga lösningar olycksplats spillet neutraliserar sanerar olycksplatsen miljön skada reaktioner föroreningar Trivorex baser syror lsningsmedel oxiderare oljor spill

Trivorex ®

A neutralising Absorbent with a built-in pH indicator

Trivorex ® is an absorbing and neutralising powder to all types of chemical spills. Unlike “regular” absorbents which only aim to capture and limit the spill’s spreading, with Trivorex ® we also get a quick and effective neutralisation of the chemical spill, whether it is a strong acid or base, such as e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide (lye).

For any type of cleaning it can be difficult to completely remove the dangerous chemical purely by using mechanical means (via washing or absorption). On rough or hard to reach surfaces the chemicals can linger and cause injury after a long time. By using Trivorex ® we neutralise the spill so that we avoid the subsequent risks even if any residues of the chemical spill are still left.


Trivorex® operates in three stepspH skala neutraliering neutralisera neutraliserar indikator

1. Captures and limits the spreading of the spill.
2. Neutralises the spill’s active agent.
3. Absorbs the spill and thereby facilitates the clean-up.

Trivorex ® has a built pH indicator to facilitate the neutralisation, that is when Trivorex ® is applied the powder changes its colour based on the chemical’s pH. Red for acid and blue for a base. Once the spill has been neutralised the powder turns yellowish and is thereafter safe to handle. In case of highly concentrated products, adding a little water can help speeding up the process.

Trivorex ® works on all types of chemical spills, has no toxicological effects on human tissue and is classified as non-irritant to skin.


See our Trivorex®  User Instruction for more information!


A new range of absorbents

As a complement to Trivorex ®, that is still the flagship among our absorbents, we also offer other absorbents, specifically adapted to certain needs.


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LeVert HF ®: Decontamination liquid for acid-etched surfaces, specially formulated for decontamination of hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives.

Kemiskt klotter Fluorvätesyra elektronik stål glasindustri syror fräta sönder avlägsnar oxid syra skador skydd

Hydrofluoric acid is used today in sectors including electronics, steel and glass industries where its etching properties comes in handy. It is one of the few acids with the ability to corrode glass. It makes our sinks shiny and nice, removes oxides from welding, and also gives us beautiful frosted glass bottles. But it is also a very dangerous acid that can cause severe injuries if we are exposed to it without the necessary protection.

Unfortunately hydrofluoric acid is also used in other less pleasant contexts. Due to its ability to etch glass, it is an increasingly popular ingredient in graffiti context. Chemical graffiti, known as glass etching, is a growing problem associated with major risks for all parties involved.

As a complement to Hexafluorine, which is the only product that can be used to effectively neutralise splashes of hydrofluoric acid on human skin, we have LeVert HF, a decontamination solution specifically developed to neutralise chemical graffiti containing Hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives.


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