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Thermal burns

A thermal burn arises due to heat from hot objects, fluids or gas that penetrates down into the skin layers. As long as this energy remains the injury will continue to develop.
By spraying the injured area with a fine mist of rinsing fluid the heat is effectively absorbed, hence further development of the injury is stopped and the pain subsides. The smaller and more numerous drops, the better heat absorption. The rinsing fluid should not be too cold (below 10°C) because otherwise there is a risk of contraction of the blood vessels and the cooling effect will fail. The temperature should also not be to warm (over 25°C) because it cancels the analgesic effect, i.e. the pain relief will fail.


For treatment of thermal burns

medical care spray termisk termiska brännskador Första Hjälpen brännskadespray skadetillfälle sjukhus behandling termiska brännskador kroppen ögonskada sårskada ögonskador sårskador sprayaggregat spraydimma kyler skadade området vätskepåsar isoton steril koksaltlösning(NaCl0 9% behandling Medical Care Spray a First Aid rinsing spray against thermal burns that optimizes the treatment from the moment of the accident throughout the chain of caretaking to the final treatment at the hospital. The product is intended for the treatment of thermal burns over the entire body as well as eye-wounds and cuts. It consists of a spray handle and nozzle that provides a very fine mist that effectively cools the injured area, and bags of isotonic 0.9% sterile Sodium Chloride (NaCl). Treatment can be performed in every different angle and can easily continue under transport to the hospital.



Avoid hypothermia with a targeted and open treatment

Medical Care Spray rikta behandlingen skadade området kyla kroppsdelen värma resten kroppen risken hypotermi finfördelade spraydimman öppen behandling värmeabsorberande förband skador efterföljande behandling brännskada uppvärmda brännskador heta

With Medical Care Spray you can easily direct the treatment to the affected area. By cooling only the affected area, and heating the rest of the body you minimise the risk of hypothermia. The fine spray mist also allows an open treatment, unlike the heat absorbent dressings which should not be used in case of major burns due to the risk of hypothermia, as well as when chemicals may be involved. In burns caused by hot chemicals Diphoterine or Hexafluorine should be used first. Medical Care Spray is a good subsequent treatment of a chemical burn caused by heated or hot chemicals.


The same treatment at the scene of the accident, as during transport and in hospital

The product is available in various designs to suit your work environment; portable or wall-mounted, with or without heating. There is also a specially designed package used by ambulances and medical care units, see example below.


Eye wounds and cuts

Avoid inflamed eyes
In case of foreign particles (dust/dirt) in the eyes it is important to rinse the eyes with an eyewash as fast as possible in order to avoid corneal damage and inflammation. For this purpose we recommend the 200ml “Medical Care Spray Bottle” which can be used repeatedly and in any angle. The 200ml spray bottle is also very well suited for cleaning e.g. pollen from the eyes and nasal passages to relieve allergy symptoms.


For cuts and wound care

With Medical Care Spray, you can also effectively clean wounds as well as loosen wound dressings stuck in the wound.

Medical Care Spray is CE marked and compliant with the EN15154-3/4 standard


Medical Care Spray

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