Hexafluorine DAP 5L

Hexafluorine DAP 5L

Art.no 99-2-55 (new DAP)

Art.no 99-2-56 (exchange after use)

Art.no 99-2-57 (exchange after expiry date)

Hexafluorine Dap 5L is a freestanding, portable shower containing 5 L of Hexafluorine. It is designed to neutralise and wash away the chemical splashes of hydrofluoric acid all over the body. The treatment must begin within 60 seconds after an accident has occurred.

Disposable. Shelf life 2 years from manufacturing date. A new DAP is delivered with a protection cabinet.


Hexafluorine is a unique first aid rinsing solution that has been specially developed for use on hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives. It is effective against all acids and is also able to quickly render the poisonous fluoride ion harmless. If allowed to enter into the body, this ion can otherwise cause serious harm by bonding with – among other things – calcium in the body. Hexafluorine’s hypertonic properties mean that it not only prevents the dangerous chemical from penetrating into the tissue of the body, but also helps to draw out the dangerous substance already penetrated.

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