Medical Care Spray Bottle

Medical Care Spray Bottle 1560

The spray bottle contains 200ml of sterile isotonic Sodium Chloride 9 mg/ml, and is primarily intended for the treatment of eye and cuts, e.g. to wash clean cuts and remove dirt from the eyes. The treatment can be done at any angle due to the propellant gas (nitrogen) which is completely separated from the saline solution. Treatment time circa 7min.

Wall mount sold separately.



Medical Care Spray is our own First Aid spray which optimizes treatment from the moment the accident occurs through to the point of care in hospital. The product is designed to treat thermal burns over the entire body, as well as eye wounds and cuts. Medical Care Spray consists of a specially designed spray handle with a nozzle that delivers a very fine atomised mist which effectively cools the affected area, and bags of sterile isotonic 0,9% saline solution (NaCl).

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