1. app store diphoterine kemi kemiska olyckor syror baser

    Diphoterine App

    Medical Care System get a lot of questions regarding our best-selling product Diphoterine ® solution and we are happy for that! We are dedicated to what we do and the customer contact is the most important part of our job. People are looking for more and more information digitally, and sometimes you want to be able to go back to check if you remember things correctly. For that reason, an App is available for download in App Store or Google Play. Just search for Diphoterine and you will find it. Just don’t forget that we still want to keep in touch with you, at the very least to hear what you think about the App, all thoughts are received with curiosity and commitment!


    Diphoterine App on App Store

    Diphoterine App on Google Play



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  2. MSC to Euro Expo 23-24 January 2019

    Good news!


    Medical Care System will exhibit at Euro Expo in Bombardier Arena, Västerås the 23-24 January and demonstrate our products.

    If you want to visit us at Euro Expo you can register for a free ticket HERE.

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  3. Medical Care System wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    This year we have chosen to support Musikhjälpen who this year are raising funds with the theme “Everyone has the right to be different” (Sw: “Alla har rätt att funka olika”)



    Many children and young people with functional disabilities live isolated, without contact with anyone and totally depend on family. As many as 9 out of 10 children with functional disabilities are estimated to not attend school. In families living in severe poverty the child’s need of food and care are neglected.



    By donating funds to Musikhjälpen we and you can support projects who work for integrating school and care, increased knowledge as well as support for families, rehabilitation and functional aids.



    If you want you can donate a sum of your choosing on the link below:

    Musikhjälpen 2018




    Merry Christmas!

    / MCS

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  5. Visit us at our Exhibitions and Conferences in 2018

    Following are the planned exhibitions and conferences for 2018:


    March 7, Skydd & Säkerhet Stenungsund
    March 13-16, Underhållsmässan Göteborg
    March 28, Toolsmässa Skärblacka
    April 28, Bygg, Bo & Hälsa Flen
    May 30-31, Euroexpo Södertälje
    June 13-16, Nordic Burn Meeting Köpenhamn
    August 22-25, NOK Oslo
    September 12-13, Euroexpo Lund
    September 26, Toolsmässa Helsingborg
    October 24-25, Euroexpo Tromsö
    October 23-25, Skydd Stockholms Mässan Älvsjö


    Feel free to visit us at these exhibitions to discuss our products!

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  6. säkerhetstänk skyddslösningar kemiska skador ögon kropp SIEW diphoterine Solution laboratoriebänken sprayförpackning olyckan olycka stänk aggressiva frätande kemikalier

    Chalmers University of Technology at the forefront for personal protection against chemical burns

    Here is an excellent example of safety thinking and thoughtful practical protection solutions to prevent chemical damage to eyes and body.

    The Orange SIEW with Diphotérine Solution is close at hand under the laboratory bench, as well as half-liter bottles and spray packaging with Diphotérine Solution if the accident occurs with splashes of aggressive corrosive chemicals. We are proud and grateful that the Medical Care System will be a supplier to Chalmers University of Technology!


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  7. HF Oxford Study

    New study – Treatment of HF acid exposure to the eye

    Find here the latest study regarding Hexafluorine and it’s efficiency in the treatment of hydrofluoric acid exposure to the eye.
    Oxford University Hospital compares Hexafluorine to other more traditional methods such as water irrigation and the usage of Calciumgluconate gel. The result is that irrigation with Hexafluorine proved to be the most safe and effective treatment for the eye.

    Please read the whole study here.
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  8. Visit us at our Exhibitions 2015

    4-5th of February – Fire Officers meeting – Helsingborg, Sweden (Sundspärlan Conference Centre). One of Sweden’s largest meeting places for all managers and leaders within Firefighting Services in Sweden.


    5th of MarchSafety exhibition – Stenungsund, Sweden (Fregatten) Safety and security exhibition for Safety officers. Also open for public.


    11- 12th of MarchHealth & Nurses day 2015, Helsinki, Finland (m/s Mariella) Corporate health care days for doctors, nurses and safety officers. The exhibition will take place onboard m/s Mariella between Helsinki/Finland and Stockholm/Sweden.


    11-12th of March – KEM 2015, Helsingborg, Sweden (Sundspärlan)

    Sweden’s biggest chemical congress for decision makers and managers within companies, authorities, first responders and other organizations that manage, store or in any other way work with chemicals.


    21-22nd of April – Environmental and Chemical days 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden (Clarion Hotel Post).

    Conference and exhibition together with EcoOnline, a Nordic provider of MSDS. Speakers among others are; Swedish Work Environmental Authority and Swedish Chemicals Agency. Sharing of information about how chemicals affect us and our environment, the latest legislation and how you can prevent and avoid accidents and injuries by handling chemicals in a safe and legal way.


    28-29rd of April – Ambulance 2015, Stockholm, Sweden. (Scandic Infracity, Arlanda)

    A Nordic Ambulance exhibition and prehospital meeting place for all personnel within prehospital emergency service, both employees and students. The main theme of the year is work environment and safety.


    7-8th of May – NU days 2015, Stockholm, Sweden (Quality Hotel Globe)

    National Educational days for corporate nurses throughout Sweden.


    15-17th of September – FLISA 2015. Uddevalla, Sweden (Bohusgården)

    The Federation of Leaders In Swedish Ambulance and Emergency Services.


    4-5th of November – EuroExpo 2015, Borlänge, Sweden

    Industrial exhibition for production-, electricity-, process-, maintenance-, construction- and purchasing managers as well as safety officers throughout Industry.


    12-13th of November – Health Nurses day 2015, Vasa, Finland

    National Healthcare days for Finland’s corporate nurses.

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  9. Tired of winter disease?

    Promanum® Pure is a hand disinfectant with full protection against viruses. It is efficient against bacteria, fungus and different types of viruses such as enveloped viruses (HBV, HCV HIV) and non-enveloped such as Rota- and Norovirus (Winter disease virus). Suitable areas of usage is Healthcare, Hospitals, Food processing and Child care.


    We offer the disinfectant in 3 sizes. 100ml, 600ml (with pump) and 1000ml. The small bottle is perfect to bring along when travelling, for example on board Aircrafts where the size often limits the possibility.


    Download the Swedish Product leaflet here.

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  10. Traditional Emergency Shower

    How can a thermal burn lead to a cooling state?

    There is always a risk of a cooling effect when treating patients with large amounts of water. The function of the body’s organs can be affected and a lethal state may arise (Hypothermia). Therefore, always seek to avoid unnecessary cooling of unexposed/non-injured body parts. A cold body also have less ability to respond to medical treatment which will risk worsen the condition even more.

    Usually, not many people think of the risk of cooling because the injury is inflicted by heat. To cool the injured body part is absolutely necessary, but many times this also leads to an unwanted cooling of healthy body parts due to the large amount of water being flushed when using traditional wall-mounted emergency showers. By using Medical Care Spray you can easily concentrate the treatment to the injured area and thus avoid unnecessary cooling.

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