PRONTOSAN – an antiseptic compound for the treatment of wounds with difficulty to heal. 14-2-400484 (24x40ml) 08-2-400415 (350ml) 08-2-400515 (30ml) 13-2-400508 (250g gel X)

Prontosan® is used for the removal of biofilm in chronic wounds with difficulty to heal, emergency wounds, 1st and 2nd degree burns, skin injuries caused by radiation and other chemically caused wounds. Prontosan® gel X can also be used for 3rd and 4th degree burns.

Prontosan® is the first wound washing solution with proven efficacy against biofilms. The deep cleansing process is achieved due to the well tolerated amphoteric cleaning solution.

Prontosan® dissolves and removes the bacteria filled biofilm, cell residues, fibrin layers, necrotic tissue and has high tissue tolerance. The complete solution includes undecylenamidopropyl betaine and polyhexanide which are safe for long term use and it also cleans the fibrin films and exudate remains from the cut in a way which protects the tissue.


Tested and proven:
  • Safe for long-term treatment
  • Painless treatment
  • Creates an environment which accelerates wound healing
  • Quickly reduces unpleasant wound smells
  • Skin friendly
  • Dermatologically free of risk
  • Odourless, clear solution
  • No inhibition of granulation and epithelialization
  • Compatible with advanced wound dressings
  • Once opened packaging can be used for 8 weeks
  • CE marked, Class III Medical Device
  • Biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-10


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