An overall commitment

A safe work environment is a full-time responsibility which requires continuous efforts from both the employer and the employees. The responsibility covers a variety of areas requiring investment of both time and expertise.

With a service contract from Medical Care System you ensure a continuous focus on the chemical and thermal risks in your workplace. You control both the procedures and costs while your employees are informed and trained in the latest advances in the field.


Companies which use our products



An overall commitment


The service contract helps you reduce vulnerability and personal dependency as we offer access to specialist expertise throughout the entire contractual period. Then you do not need to build up your own internal expertise in the form of key personnel whose presence and commitment may otherwise be decisive for how successful the result is.
• Continuous focus
• Control of procedures and costs
• Reduced vulnerability


Risk assessment

The agreement includes an initial risk assessment where we together outline your chemical and thermal risks and identify the need for appropriate First Aid products, product placement and the need for education of your employees. Thereafter, we carry out annual reviews of your operation to investigate whether the risks have changed and if necessary to modify the personal protection or the education.


We analyse and document the result of the risk assessment and the agreed need for appropriate First Aid products, their placement and the education needs of your employees.


Annual basic training in Chemical hazards, First Aid for chemical accidents, personal protective equipment, and operation of the delivered Medical Care System First Aid products. The service agreement includes an annual 3h training session for a maximum of 20 persons.


Medical Care System undertakes to maintain records and keep track of the expiration date of appropriate First Aid products which you have purchased from us. During the annual reviews we check the products we are responsible for.

Reference/Information Officer

Medical Care System emphasises the importance of effective cooperation throughout the chain of caretaking in the event of an accident, and that all parties involved should know each other’s methods of treatment. Therefore we also provide information and act as a reference to medical care/rescue services if wanted, in order to increase their knowledge about your company’s chemical hazards, and procedures around your first-aid efforts.

Education discounts

With a Service Contract you also receive discounts for our regular educations beyond those already included in the Service Contract.


ILU – A holistic approach for preventing chemical accidents

ILUIf required, Medical Care System can customize the Education to suit your company’s unique risk environment. This training is called ILU (the Swedish letters for Assessment, Solution, Education) and includes a customised adaptation of the training material which is then taken over by the Customer. ILU complies with the AFS 2011: 19 regulation of the Swedish Work Environment Authority, and is designed to support the employer’s responsibility for chemical safety risks. This result in a safe workplace where every person takes responsibility for his/her own safety and health.