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  1. Cut down the time!

    In case of a chemical splash, every second is of importance. In order to save some extra time we can now offer a very efficient S-CUT for a safe and quick removal of contaminated clothing.


    S-CUT QE is specifically designed for you who are in need of being able to rapidly and safely cut through different materials such as textiles, leather, rope etc.


    Dowload our Product leaflet here!


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  2. Tired of winter disease?

    Promanum® Pure is a hand disinfectant with full protection against viruses. It is efficient against bacteria, fungus and different types of viruses such as enveloped viruses (HBV, HCV HIV) and non-enveloped such as Rota- and Norovirus (Winter disease virus). Suitable areas of usage is Healthcare, Hospitals, Food processing and Child care.


    We offer the disinfectant in 3 sizes. 100ml, 600ml (with pump) and 1000ml. The small bottle is perfect to bring along when travelling, for example on board Aircrafts where the size often limits the possibility.


    Download the Swedish Product leaflet here.

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