trivorex absorbent burk

Trivorex 15-5-10 (10kg/15L can) 15-5-700 (700g bucket) 15-5-20 (20kg sack) 13-5-200 (200kg box)

The can is well suited for smaller chemical spills where neutralisation is important to minimise the risk of injury, e.g. in a laboratory Environment.

The bucket is well suited for larger chemical spills where it is important to not only limit the spill’s spreading, but also prevent the spill from reacting with other chemicals in its vicinity, e.g. in loading/unloading areas or storage areas for chemicals.

1 volume unit of spilled liquid is absorbed by approximately the same volume of Trivorex.

1 kg Trivorex has the capacity to neutralise 5 moles of an acid or base.


Shovel and broom is included when ordering 20kg sack or 200kg box.


Trivorex is an absorbing and neutralising powder to all types of chemical spills. Unlike “regular” absorbents which only aim to capture and limit the spill’s spreading, with Trivorex we also get a quick and effective neutralisation of the chemical spill, whether it is a strong acid or base, such as e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide (lye). Trivorex works on all types of chemical spills, has no toxicological effects on human tissue and is classified as non-irritant to skin.

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