Privacy policy

In order for you to be able to trade goods or services or take part of offers from Medical Care System MCS AB, you must give us some information about yourself. Medical Care System MCS AB takes responsibility for ensuring that these data are used correctly. This privacy policy describes the information collected about you.
In order to be able to deliver ordered goods or services, we need to save relevant information about you such as name, email address, telephone number, delivery address and invoice address. The purpose of this is to be able to send you relevant information about the product or service and on-going information about the current status of ongoing orders.
When ordering in our online store, your IP address is also stored. The purpose of this is to be able to assist the police authority with tracking information when attempting fraud or other illegal activities.
Medical Care System MCS AB uses cookies for two purposes; Temporary cookies while you are on our site to keep track of which language you have chosen and whether you are logged in or not, and permanent cookies to build statistics on how and if visitors return to our site. The information stored in Cookies cannot be linked to you as a person.
The information we have about you is not shared with anyone provided we are not required to do so by law.
As you order a product or service from Medical Care System MCS AB by phone, mail or our websites, you agree to this policy.
You can at any time request the information we have about you or that they should be deleted, please contact our data protection representative via our telephone exchange.