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causes corneal calcification during treatment
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"Chemical Injury, a Four-Year Experience with an Advanced Approach" (Verbelen, Hoeksema and Monstrey, 2017)Download
"Treatment of hydrofluoric acid exposure to the eye" (Atley and Ridyard, 2015)Download
"Severe ocular burns" (Merle, Gerard and Schrage, 2012)Download
"Complex chemical burns following a mass casualty chemical plant incident: How optimal planning and organisation can make a difference" (B. O’Neill, Rawlins, Rea and Wood, 2012)Download
"Seventy Per Cent Hydrofluoric Acid Burns: Delayed Decontamination With Hexafluorine and Treatment With Calcium Gluconate" (Yoshimura, Mathieu, Hall, Monteiro and Almeida, 2012)Download
"Hexafluorine decontamination of 70% hydrofluoric acid (HF) vapor facial exposure: Case report" (Siéwé, Barbe, Mathieu, Blomet and Hall, 2011)Download
"Current Recommendations for Optimum Treatment of Chemical Eye Burns" (Schrage, 2010)Download
"Diphoterine for alkali chemical splashes to the skin at alumina refineries" (Donoghue, 2010)Download
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"Part 2. Comparison of emergency washing solutions in 70% hydrofluoric acid-burned human skin in an established ex vivo explants model" (Burgher, Mathieu, Lati, Gasser, Peno-Mazzarino, Blomet, Hall and Maibach, 2010)Download