The company

With just over 30 years in business, we have managed to obtain a wealth of experience and understanding of the risks posed by chemical and thermal accidents and how we can best protect ourselves against them. Our close collaboration with both Industry and government agencies as well as Medical institutions have created a confidence and trust which we are very keen to maintain and develop further. We thank everyone who contributes to the ongoing dialogue about these risks and to those who dare ask all the questions which help us all to develop further.

Medical Care System is a family company founded in 1985 by Hans-Göran Ericsson, later also his wife, Ann-Kristin Ericsson joined the company. In his former profession as an ambulance nurse and also in his work as a trainer in emergency medicine Hans-Göran saw the shortcomings in being able to treat thermal burns efficiently during the transport to hospital. This is how the idea of our proprietary “Medical Care Spray” was born. The product has since been further developed and currently it is manufactured in a number of different packages to suit both the ambulance services as well as the Industry’s specific needs for effective First Aid products.

In 1996 there was a large spill of hydrofluoric acid in Torshälla in Sweden. The evaluation of this accident revealed that both the industry and healthcare sector had inadequate knowledge and procedures in case of chemical accidents. Medical Care System then turned this into one of our most important long-term goals, to improve the knowledge and attitudes towards chemical hazards among all stakeholders. The objective is to minimize both the risks and the number of accidents while providing effective First Aid products in order to avoid serious injuries if the accident still happens. In this context, we initiated the collaboration with the Prevor Toxicology and Research Laboratory in France, which produces the unique First Aid products for chemical accidents which we offer to our Nordic clients.


Medical Care System MCS medical care system ögonskölj spolvätska första hjälpen kemi olyckor olycka kemikalier

                                BUSINESS IDEA

Medical Care System MCS AB develops and distributes First Aid products for an easy and effective treatment in case of chemical and thermal burns in the eyes and all over the body. Medical Care System MCS AB also conduct customer specific risk assessments and educations in order to spread knowledge about chemical and thermal risks, how to avoid these and in case of an accident, take care of them in the best possible way.


ChemGuard group


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In 2006 the business moved to its current premises and in 2007 we built our own private cleanroom to ensure the sterile handling of certain products. The cleanroom meets the Class 7 requirements according to SS-EN ISO 14644-1 and we are also able to accept assignments.



Our quality system

Quality and customer satisfaction are very important concepts for us and we are proud to be ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) certified.





s_prevorPrevor is the French toxicology and research laboratory which produces the unique First Aid products for chemical accidents which we offer to our Nordic clients.


s_amvWe strive to have an ongoing dialogue with the Swedish Work Environment Authority and we have verified the content of our Educations in chemical risks with them. The positive effects of our First Aid products in case of chemical accidents is also scientifically and practically specified in their independent study prepared together with the Karolinska Institute, Report 2010:6.