Basic values

Values ​​are ultimately about relationships between people. Our values ​​form the basis for the business. It describes not only what we stand for but also the future direction and striving to develop the organization and the business. It also states the approach that should permeate how we act internally and externally. The values ​​that are on our website and set up in our premises are based on four values:


We deliver the highest quality in all contexts. A good collaboration between colleagues and with sister companies is the foundation for creating an interesting workplace that can offer customers optimal solutions with the highest quality. The overall competence with us is very high, so use colleagues as a sounding board and get help with information if required. Employee engagement creates positivity, team spirit and profitability.


We treat others as we ourselves want to be treated, it’s that simple! Give praise to colleagues and focus on the positive. Our goal is to create a structure that is permeated by positivity. To achieve this, we must be solution-oriented and think
constructive. We are humble and show courage by both daring to ask for help and sharing our knowledge. Each employee is expected to act with great commitment and initiative under their own responsibility. It also means that we dare to make mistakes and that we learn from our mistakes. We are always more important than I am.

Performance / Performance

We deliver what we promised! We behave respectfully towards our surroundings, customers, colleagues and partners. The company is permeated by simple, fast decision-making paths where employees are given ample space to influence their own work situation and to make their own decisions. Wise, competent employees make smart choices. We rejoice in each other’s successes and support each other in adversity.

Passion / Passion

It should be fun to go to work. It is together that we make good achievements, create job satisfaction, passion and opportunities to develop as individuals and as companies. That we succeed is not a person’s merit but depends on everyone’s participation. Customers should perceive us as alert, service-oriented and flexible. We are team players and strive for cooperation, cohesion and security in the team.