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First Aid

Medical Care Spray is our own First Aid spray which optimizes treatment from the moment the accident occurs through to the point of care in hospital. The product is designed to treat thermal burns over the entire body, as well as eye wounds and cuts.




The cause of thermal burns

A thermal burn arises when heat from a hot object or liquid penetrates down through the layers of skin. As long as this thermal energy remains in the tissue, the burn will continue to worsen.


Treatment of burns

behandling termiska brännskador ögonskador sårskador CE märkt medicinteknisk produkt EN15154-3/4 olycksplatsen sjukhus förebygger hypotermi sjukhus

By spraying the area of the burn with an atomised spray mist, the heat is absorbed, the spreading of the injury reduced and the pain diminished. The smaller the drop – and the more drops there are – the better the absorption ability. The liquid should not be too cold – i.e. less than 10°C – as this then risks blood vessels contracting, negating the cooling effect. The temperature of the liquid should not be too warm, either – i.e. over 25°C – as this will not alleviate the pain.


Treatment of eye wounds

Should any particles (dust/dirt) get into the eye, it is also important to fl ush the particles away as soon as possible using an eye wash to prevent harm to the cornea and eye inflammation.


The product

Medical Care Spray consists of a specially designed spray handle with a nozzle that delivers a very fine atomised mist which effectively cools the affected area, and bags of sterile isotonic 0,9% saline solution (NaCl).


Targeted treatment

With Medical Care Spray it is easy to direct treatment to the injured area. By cooling only the affected body part, the risk of hypothermia is minimized.


Open treatment

The spray mist allows for an open treatment, unlike heat-absorbent dressings, which should be avoided both in the treatment of larger burns – due to the risk of hypothermia – and when chemicals may be involved, as these risk being sealed inside the dressing.


Secondary care of burns from hot chemicals

Medical Care Spray is an effective supplement in the secondary care of a chemical burn caused by heated or hot chemicals. In the case of burns caused by hot chemicals, Diphoterine ® or Hexafluorine ® should be used first.



Quick facts

Medical Care Sköljvätska Första Hjälpen brännskadevätska skadetillfälle sjukhus behandling termiska brännskador kroppen ögonskador sårskador sprayaggregat spraydimma kyler vätskepåsar isoton steril koksaltlösning (NaCl) 0,9% behandling transport sjukhus

– For treatment of thermal burns, eye wounds and cuts.

– CE-marked Medical Device

– Follows the European standard for portable emergency safety showers (EN15154-3/4).

– Same treatment at the scene of the accident as at the hospital.

– Provides an open and targeted treatment which prevents hypothermia.

– Treatment can be carried out at any angle, and can continue during transportation – for example, when being transferred to the hospital.



Tel: 0157-131 31



The product is available in different packagings in order to suit your specific work environment; portable or wall-mounted and with or without heating.



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