A holistic approach to chemical and thermal accidents

Accidents do not just happen. Most often we let them happen. Many of them can be prevented with proper risk assessment, knowledge and protection equipment, and the damages can be eliminated or reduced.

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  1. Visit us at our Exhibitions and Conferences in 2018

    Av Robert Ludwigs

    Following are the planned exhibitions and conferences for 2018:   March 7, Skydd & Säkerhet Stenungsund March 13-16, Underhållsmässan Göteborg March 28, Toolsmässa Skärblacka April 28, Bygg, Bo & Hälsa Flen May 30-31, Euroexpo Södertälje June 13-16, Nordic Burn Meeting Köpenhamn …

  2. S-CUT QE

    Cut down the time!

    In case of a chemical splash, every second is of importance. In order to save some extra time we can now offer a very efficient S-CUT that facilitates the removal of contaminated clothing. Click on the headline to read more.

  3. Absorbents

    A new range of Absorbents

    Av Lena Cednert

    As a complement to Trivorex, that is still the flagship among our absorbents, we now launch a new range of absorbents, specifically adapted to certain needs. – Click on the headline to read more.

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We are MCS

Medical Care System provides Education and effective First Aid products in the areas of chemical and thermal accidents.

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